Who Am I

Who am –
I am me,
the late-night thinker, who
reads thirty books
a year, and listens to the wind as
it howls along the walls.

And, yes, I like the way he holds
my hand, and I like the way she
smiles at me. It is not the only
thing that defines me. See the
freckles smattered over my nose
and that my eyes are blue;
This is who I am –

It isn’t much to ask of you,
who I will always be,
that you look at me, see me, today,
the same way you did before,
and that don’t you dare
look anywhere else.

2 Replies to “Who Am I”

  1. I love this poem!! I love your whole blog and your dedication to writing and reading. I am currently working on a blog as well and am hoping to start writing a novel once I finish a full outline for it. Would love to keep up with your blog and talk in the future about writing advice!

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