2018 and the List of to Be Read Books

First of all, Happy belated 2018 to the fellow writers, readers, and bloggers.

Holidays are a good time to receive those books you wanted – though my haul consisted of three, two which have been read: Captive Prince and Coraline – but they’re also a good time to finally get round to those books that have been sitting on your shelves for the past few weeks or months. Years, even. I, for one, have many that are collecting dust as we speak. Those are the ones that I aim to read this year, even if they remain unfinished. At least I’d then be able to buy more books without guilt weighing on my back.

The list includes a mix of genres, though the titles are mainly within the fantasy area, and it looks something like this:

I’d be fooling myself if I said these were all the unread books on my to-read shelf, but they’re the ones calling out to me most. I’ll certainly be reading several other books along the way, such as finishing off the Percy Jackson series after years of making my way through it, or delving into a little bit more non-fiction with Lion: A Long Way Home.

Even if the list remains uncompleted, it won’t be the end of the world, but it would be a relief to finish them all – or some, a few, even one – giving them away for the next person to read.

Do you have any books you’re planning to read in 2018? Have you already started to? How many?


7 thoughts on “2018 and the List of to Be Read Books

  1. Oh man, this made me feel guilty and inspired! I have a huge list of books to read (on Goodreads), and it just keeps on growing. And every time I go to the library I return with a dozen or so that won’t all be read…but the stacks just sit and glare, you know?

    But this year I have more time to read, so I’m reading as much as I can. I wish you luck with your list!

    1. Oh, definitely. I’ve only read 6 books so far this year (which is more than I expected), and all these new books stare at me from the shelves, waiting to be read. I hope you get round to reading your books!

  2. We’ve got a few overlaps! 🙂 And thanks for stopping by my blog post earlier. I appreciate it. It was the one about intentional versus unintentional thinking time. If you’re ever interested, I run a blog hop. It’s monthly, and it’s for authors on the topic of what it takes to be an author, basically. There’s more info in the left-hand column of my website. There are about 40 of us blogging monthly, and it means guaranteed page views and comments.

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