Who Am I

Who am –
I am me,
the late-night thinker, who
reads thirty books
a year, and listens to the wind as
it howls along the walls.

And, yes, I like the way he holds
my hand, and I like the way she
smiles at me. It is not the only
thing that defines me. See the
freckles smattered over my nose
and that my eyes are blue;
This is who I am –

It isn’t much to ask of you,
who I will always be,
that you look at me, see me, today,
the same way you did before,
and that don’t you dare
look anywhere else.

Your Way

Be the one who does things your way;
gazing at the open spaces between blossom trees,
soaking in the sun of a cloudless winter day,
and watches rainfall for over two hours—

speaks about why you loved a recent read,
or paint a not-so-good picture that you still hang,
walk through museums until the night,
and take photos of everything and anything—

parties until the early morning,
travels the world from Cornwall to New York,
or stays inside for a day or more,
but most of all enjoys every moment of it.

Be the one who does things your way,

or perhaps be the one who doesn’t;

it’s still a way.