Editing Services


My services cover the genres LGBT+, science-fiction, fantasy, YA/NA, drama, and horror. I’m open to children’s, romance, erotica, mystery, and thriller. I’m less likely to accept crime or historical fiction. I do not accept non-fiction, poetry, or scripts. I do not read anything that features pedophilia or incest. I do not read anything that is intentionally harmful to LGBT+ people, POC, or disabled people.

You can expect content editing, line-editing, and copyediting for your manuscript. As a writer myself, studying a degree in the same field for the past three years, I understand the importance of shaping and revising your work to its best. My aim is to help you in reaching that result by suggesting edits for all aspects with supportive and honest criticism. These edits will be returned in a Word document, completed with tracked changes and comments. An additional clean copy will also be provided.

After I return your edited manuscript, I’ll answer any questions and further explain my work if requested.


I can provide a free sample (500 words for short story, 1,500 for novella, and 2,500 for novel), but this isn’t taken off the price.

My usual rate is £0.005 per word, but first clients receive a discount for their first project. The price is split between a 50% deposit and then a final payment upon completion of the editing, recorded with two separate invoices. All payments are made via Paypal.

It will be a new project if you want another edit for a revised draft, but again under a discounted price.

If you wish to discuss this more, contact me at mskatutin@gmail.com.

Note: this email is not the same as the Paypal email.


“Kat performed a line/copy/content edit for the first book in my Definition series – Definition of Stripped. It had been through two rounds of beta readers, and a critique editor, yet she still managed to find new angles that would be a smoother fit, and her attention to detail is excellent. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.” — Lia Peele

“K.A. Tutin was an asset when it came to beta reading and editing through my stories. Her concise and thoughtful feedback and edits helped me see the places where my story was lacking, and made the narrative of my story stronger as a whole. Not only do I recommend her work, but I plan to use her services again in the future as well.” — C. E. Clayton

“K. A. Tutin’s feedback has been some of the most valuable I’ve ever received. I was really pleased with the time and effort she put into critiquing my work. Having read her own work for some time now I felt very assured that her insights would allow me to improve my writing. Her comments were thorough, thoughtful and extremely helpful. I’ve learned recently that every writer should have what they call an “ideal reader” and I’m glad to have found one in her.” — Zeeshan Amit

“The feedback I received from Kat helped me revamp my sci-fi flash fiction story before I submitted it. She caught exactly what I was going for as far as story theme and plot, and pointed out places where I could hone and clarify my words to better appear to my audience. I will definitely be seeking her out in the future for feedback on new stories.” — Jenna Mitchell