In short, I offer: a first read-through and edit, a second read-through to address those edits, a third read-through of the re-drafted version with summarised review, and then continued correspondence.

The first read-through covers three types of editing: content, line, and copy, focusing on: plot holes, believable characters, unrealistic dialogue, errors in POV, style and voice, paragraph and sentence structure, consistency, fact-checking, grammar, punctuation, and spelling. And anything else relevant.

The second read-through is for us to go through the manuscript and discuss my edits if you wish.

The third read-through and summarised review is for your re-drafted version (regardless of whether or not you’ve applied my edits from the first read-through, but it has been re-drafted in some way), and to provide any further suggestions, advice, or improvements.

Finally, the continued correspondence is to talk about your story, answer any questions you might still have, and ensure your manuscript is at its best standard, until you are satisfied it is finished.

I do not offer the service of formatting the book for publishing.

Manuscripts must, if possible, be available in Word. If not, there is a chance we could come to an alternative.

Note: the cost is based on the length of the manuscript/per word for the first read-through and edit – anything succeeding that does not cost extra, but is part of the service. Payment information is further down the page.


My preferred genres are LGBT, sci-fi, fantasy, YA/NA, drama, horror, and romance. I’m open to erotica, mystery and thriller. I’m less likely to accept crime or historical fiction, unless I’m certain I can produce the same results and apply the same best efforts as with the other genres. I accept most of the sub-genres within these genres. I do not accept non-fiction, poetry or scripts.

Content Warnings:

I will not read anything that features rape, pedophilia, or incest. I will not read anything that is disrespectful to LGBT+ people, POC, or disabled people if done in a way out of purposeful ignorance or to intentionally cause offence or harm.


A sample edit can be arranged in the set amounts: the first 500 words for short story, 1,500 for novelette/novella, and 2,500 for a novel. Although I do not charge for a sample edit, this does not shorten the time slot or lower the prices if we agree to work together; these will be arranged once the sample has been completed and reviewed.

Please bear in mind that in some cases – as it is only a sample – there might not be much feedback on the big picture, such as plot or characters, until seeing the whole manuscript.

Rates & Payment:

I charge £0.012 per word

I do not accept or work in rounded figures or estimates.

If you do not work in GBR, the price will be calculated in the relevant currency.

I will ask for a 50% deposit, and then the final payment upon completing the first read-through and edit. After, and only after a final payment, will I go ahead with the second and third read-through, and continued correspondence, if you choose to request them.

Time slot:

I’ll also provide a time slot composed of working days. It is unlikely I can include weekends. I do not provide live edits.

If a slot is filled, I will move your manuscript to the next available opening.


All payments are made via Paypal. No exceptions.

If you would like to discuss this further, email me at:

This email is not used for Paypal. I will tell you the Paypal email if we agree to work together.

In your email, please provide and answer the following:

  • Title
  • Genre
  • Blurb
  • Content warnings
  • Exact word count
  • Do you want a sample edit?
  • Do you have any questions that do not regard anything from the above?

I will reply within 24 hours.

Testimonial Review:

Come the end of the project, I will ask for a testimonial review for my page. It is optional, but receiving one would be appreciated; either by posting it in the comments of my testimonial page, or giving it to me to upload myself.